Plexhints can be used by just importing the plexhints module and running a couple of functions. After doing so you can use plexhints in your IDE and run most of your code outside of Plex. This is useful for debugging and testing.

Main Entry Point

Place this at the top of your Contents/Code/ file. It is important to only import these when running outside of Plex.

# plex debugging
    import plexhints  # noqa: F401
except ImportError:
else:  # the code is running outside of Plex
    from plexhints import plexhints_setup, update_sys_path
    plexhints_setup()  # reads the plugin plist file and determine if plexhints should use elevated policy or not
    update_sys_path()  # when running outside plex, append the path


In files other than the main file, you can simply import the plexhints module and use it as shown.

# plex debugging
    import plexhints  # noqa: F401
except ImportError:
else:  # the code is running outside of Plex
    from plexhints.log_kit import Log

Available Imports

from plexhints.agent_kit import Agent, Media  # agent kit
from plexhints.core_kit import Core  # core kit
from plexhints.decorator_kit import handler, indirect, route  # decorator kit
from plexhints.exception_kit import Ex  # exception kit
from plexhints.locale_kit import Locale  # locale kit
from plexhints.log_kit import Log  # log kit
from plexhints.model_kit import Movie, VideoClip, VideoClipObject  # model kit
from plexhints.network_kit import HTTP  # network kit
from plexhints.object_kit import Callback, IndirectResponse, MediaObject, MessageContainer, MetadataItem, \
    MetadataSearchResult, PartObject, SearchResult  # object kit
from plexhints.parse_kit import HTML, JSON, Plist, RSS, XML, YAML  # parse kit
from plexhints.prefs_kit import Prefs  # prefs kit
from plexhints.proxy_kit import Proxy  # proxy kit
from plexhints.resource_kit import Resource  # resource kit
from plexhints.shortcut_kit import L, E, D, R, S  # shortcut kit
from plexhints.util_kit import String, Util  # util kit

from plexhints.constant_kit import CACHE_1MINUTE, CACHE_1HOUR, CACHE_1DAY, CACHE_1WEEK, CACHE_1MONTH  # constant kit
from plexhints.constant_kit import ClientPlatforms, Protocols, OldProtocols, ServerPlatforms, ViewTypes, \
    SummaryTextTypes, AudioCodecs, VideoCodecs, Containers, ContainerContents, \
    StreamTypes  # constant kit, more commonly used in URL services

# extra objects
from plexhints.extras_kit import BehindTheScenesObject, \
    ConcertVideoObject, \
    DeletedSceneObject, \
    FeaturetteObject, \
    InterviewObject, \
    LiveMusicVideoObject, \
    LyricMusicVideoObject, \
    MusicVideoObject, \
    OtherObject, \
    SceneOrSampleObject, \
    ShortObject, \