Sunshine and related LizardByte projects are being localized into various languages. The default language is en (English).



The translations occur on CrowdIn. Anyone is free to contribute to localization there.

Translations Basics
  • The brand names LizardByte and Sunshine should never be translated.

  • Other brand names should never be translated. Examples:

    • AMD

    • Nvidia

CrowdIn Integration

How does it work?

When a change is made to sunshine source code, a workflow generates new translation templates that get pushed to CrowdIn automatically.

When translations are updated on CrowdIn, a push gets made to the l10n_nightly branch and a PR is made against the nightly branch. Once PR is merged, all updated translations are part of the project and will be included in the next release.


There should be minimal cases where strings need to be extracted from source code; however it may be necessary in some situations. For example if a system tray icon is added it should be localized as it is user interfacing.

  • Wrap the string to be extracted in a function as shown.
    #include <boost/locale.hpp>
    #include <string>
    std::string msg = boost::locale::translate("Hello world!");


More examples can be found in the documentation for boost locale.


This is for information only. Contributors should never include manually updated template files, or manually compiled language files in Pull Requests.

Strings are automatically extracted from the code to the locale/sunshine.po template file. The generated file is used by CrowdIn to generate language specific template files. The file is generated using the .github/workflows/localize.yml workflow and is run on any push event into the nightly branch. Jobs are only run if any of the following paths are modified.

- 'src/**'

When testing locally it may be desirable to manually extract, initialize, update, and compile strings. Python is required for this, along with the python dependencies in the ./scripts/requirements.txt file. Additionally, xgettext must be installed.

Extract, initialize, and update
python ./scripts/_locale.py --extract --init --update
python ./scripts/_locale.py --compile