Clang Format#

Source code is tested against the .clang-format file for linting errors. The workflow file responsible for clang format testing is .github/workflows/cpp-clang-format-lint.yml.

Test clang-format locally.
find ./ -iname *.cpp -o -iname *.h -iname *.m -iname *.mm | xargs clang-format -i


Sunshine uses Sphinx for documentation building. Sphinx, along with other required python dependencies are included in the ./docs/requirements.txt file. Python is required to build sphinx docs. Installation and setup of python will not be covered here.

Doxygen is used to generate the XML files required by Sphinx. Doxygen can be obtained from Doxygen downloads. Ensure that the doxygen executable is in your path.

See also

Sphinx is configured to use the graphviz extension. To obtain the dot executable from the Graphviz library, see the library’s downloads section.

The config file for Sphinx is docs/source/conf.py. This is already included in the repo and should not be modified.

The config file for Doxygen is docs/Doxyfile. This is already included in the repo and should not be modified.

Test with Sphinx
cd docs
make html


cd docs
sphinx-build -b html source build
Lint with rstcheck
rstcheck -r .
Check formatting with rstfmt
rstfmt --check --diff -w 120 .
Format inplace with rstfmt
rstfmt -w 120 .

Unit Testing#


Sunshine does not currently have any unit tests. If you would like to help us improve please get in contact with us, or make a PR with suggested changes.