Rate Limiting / Videos Not Downloading

By default, YouTube-DL will perform queries to YouTube anonymously. As a result, YouTube may rate limit the requests, or sometimes simply block the content (e.g. for age-restricted content, but not only).

A workaround is to login in a web browser, and then export your YouTube cookies with a tool such as Get cookies.txt locally. Note that Themerr currently only supports Chromium’s JSON export format. In the exporter you use, if prompted, you need to use the “JSON” or “Chrome” format.

You can then paste that value in the “YouTube Cookies” field in the plugin preferences page. On the next media update or scheduled run, the cookies will be used and hopefully videos will start downloading again.

Plugin Logs

See Plugin Log Files for the plugin log directory.

Plex uses rolling logs. There will be six log files available. The newest log file will be named dev.lizardbyte.themerr-plex.log. There will be additional log files with the same name, appended with a 1-5.

It is best to replicate the issue you are experiencing, then review the latest log file. The information in the log file may seem cryptic. If so it would be best to reach out for support.


Before uploading logs, it would be wise to review the data in the log file. Plex does not filter the masked settings (e.g. credentials) out of the log file.

Plex Media Server Logs

If you have a more severe problem, you may need to troubleshoot an issue beyond the plugin itself. See Plex Media Server Logs for more information.