Minimal setup is required to use Themerr-jellyfin. In addition to the installation, a few settings must be configured.

Enable Themes#

  1. Navigate to your user settings page.

  2. Select Display from the user section.

  3. Within the Library section, ensure Theme songs is enabled.

Directory Structure#


Jellyfin requires your media to be stored in separate subdirectories, with each movie/show in its own folder. See Movies or TV Shows for more information.

Task Activation#


Themerr will run automatically on a schedule. You can configure the schedule in the configuration page.


To initialize a download task manually, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to configuration page.

  2. Select Update Theme Songs.

Or alternatively:

  1. Navigate to http://localhost:8096/web/index.html#!/scheduledtasks.html.

  2. Select Update Theme Songs under the Themerr section.

Theme Updates#

Themerr will only add or update a theme song if the following conditions are met.

  • A user supplied theme.mp3 is not present.

  • The theme in ThemerrDB is different from the previously added theme by Themerr.