RetroArcher binaries are built using pyinstaller. Cross compilation is not supported. That means the binaries must be built on the target operating system and architecture.

Use Python 3.7+


Ensure git is installed and run the following:
git clone
cd ./retroarcher

Setup venv

It is recommended to setup and activate a venv within the retroarcher directory.

Install Python Requirements

Standard Requirements
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
Advanced Requirements
Required for:
python -m pip install -r requirements-dev.txt


Advanced requirements include all of the standard dependencies contained in the requirements.txt

Compile Locales

python ./scripts/ --compile

Install NPM Requirements

npm install
mv -f ./node_modules/ ./web/

Compile Docs

Docs are visible by the webapp and therefore must be compiled.

cd docs
make html
cd ..

Compile Binary

python ./scripts/

Remote Build

It may be beneficial to build remotely in some cases. This will enable easier building on different operating systems.

  1. Fork the project

  2. Activate workflows

  3. Trigger the CI workflow manually

  4. Download the artifacts/binaries from the workflow run summary